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     "This is better than television!" - Brian, age 10

About the Program
The Ivy Vine Players employs over 75 puppets and only one human being. The cast (which includes a lady pirate, a tomato-growing grandma, and three very hip recycling kids) presents carefully chosen material. The rhythm of the stories and songs, and Grian's natural rapport with children (adults) provides a varied show that captures and holds everyone's interest.

       "...we found that even our most active children were mesmerised.        They were actively participating throughout the performance. We can't thank you enough for the wonderful time we had."
       Dawn Meyerski, Head Teacher - Astor Head Start, Beacon, New York

A unique approach to puppetry using a wearable stage will transform a library, classroom, or the great outdoors into a theater. Why do these puppets seem so engagingly real? Because they have lived before, as a favorite sweater, a toddler's raincoat, or a silk kimono. The Ivy Vine Players are made from 100% recycled materials, including the human being!

       "Fantastic! Fits right in with our work on the food chain and the
        environment!" - Ms. Moore, 2nd Grade Teacher

Each full performance lasts about 40 minutes. Please save time for answering questions after the show. "Why is this lady blue?" "What's inside that grumpy guy?" "Will you show us how to do it?" "How do you do all those different voices?"

A letter received after a performance:

"You are a good pupetmaker. I like that you use recycled things instead
of just throwing the things away. I hope you have fun making your
pupets.   Sincerely, Alexis
P.S. I might try to make a pupet out of recycled things too."


The One-Woman Show With A Cast Of 75,
Grian MacGregor presents a series of songs
and tales in each program. Her charming puppet
characters are loaded with personality, and her stories
are timeless in theme. From the Toy Theater Festival in
New York to the Festival of Romance in New Zealand, from the playgrounds of Ecuador to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Ivy Vine Players are more than half-way to their goal of presenting puppet shows on every continent on Earth.

Helena Handbasket by © Grian MacGregor
Helena Handbasket by © Grian MacGregor